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Confusing Times

Oct 08 2013

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Our dear hero, me, is suffering from age-related issues. Mostly remembering where I am in the VMH Podcast world but that’s never really mattered much anyway. What we have here is a pleasant selection of bits and bobs for you to peruse. We hear of ancient battles, and get a bit more of a glimpse in the the crazy past/future world of the present as it was. Come. Enjoy.

Special prizes this week go out to those of you who can tell me what special recording method I used on the song. You’ll know the one. If you don’t, you lose automatically. If you do, maybe you’ll get the prize.

Pheromoans – Kevin Costner’s Best
Peter Jefferies – Chain or Reaction
Wooden Wand – The Forgiveness Factory

And a very special sudden ending…

More to come.

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