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A Late Holiday Spectacular

Jan 09 2012

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It’s that time of year and I’ve worked extra hard with my little SSSElves to give you a too late to be relevant VMH! Sit back with those chestnuts and enjoy!

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Holiday Pandering?

Jan 15 2011

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When I returned home from my holiday trip I found a large quantity of mail in my mailbox. Most of it consisted of bills and advertisements, but there was one item that stood out. It appeared to be a Christmas card from my local MP. I opened it up and this is what she sent to her potential supporters.

 What a nice little holiday scene. Complete with presents, santa hats, two of the cuuuuuuuutest dogs in the world and a man whose name is never mentioned but I assume it is her husband. The MP is either sucking in on her cheeks really hard or she has the craziest face dimples ever, but that’s besides the point. Also, if you look closely at the presents, they aren’t your traditional box in wrapping paper. They appear to be some large blue metal containers of some kind. Possibly cookie containers. I’m not really sure.

I doubt she will win over any voters with this card, but I have to give her credit for not pandering to the masses. She is just being herself. That is how it appears anyway. If that is not the case, and this was indeed an attempt to appear a certain way, then god help us all.

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