Watch Your Step, A Cautionary Tale

Feb 11 2013

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3 Responses to Watch Your Step, A Cautionary Tale

  1. That was extra rad. I was genuinely worried she was going to be attacked at one point. How did you do the class in skin effect?

    • Muhtick says:

      I’m glad the tension built for you, I was hoping that would be the effect. The glass is a combination of pig skin, beet juice/red paint and a squirt bottle.

  2. Luther Vandross says:

    Ooooooh man. That’s great. The shot where it’s partly obscured by the thing as she’s running away is a fantastic watcher from the woods shot. I also liked the mushing bloodly skin. Made me think of Braindead where she’s eating custard. I think…I thought some crazy sickness would come her way due to that stabbing. Perhaps a shot of sorts is in order? Great suspense on the foot coming down and the shooting between the glass and the crazed music. Well done all around.

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