A Lesson in Uighur BBQ

Apr 26 2012

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The ancient art of barbecue is alive and well all over the world. This statement is rather unnecessary.

This succulent lamb is unnecessarily tasty. Imagine biting into a salty block of melt in your mouth fat exploding lamby flavour into your mouth. Now imagine that sensation wrapped in a flat bread that absorbs and enhances that salty fat flavour. Plus, it’s in a plastic bag so your hands don’t get all greasy!

Uighur people are a minority in China. They are Turkic and responsible for hash and the best food in China.

Oh yeah…and that next VMH is still on the way…

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3 Responses to A Lesson in Uighur BBQ

  1. Slippery Pete says:

    Did he let the uncooked meat touch the cooked meat during the changeover? The only Turkish guy i ever knew was super into himself and his ability to barbeque. He would squat over the grill and guard its perimeter from other males. He would instruct us to fetch him halved onions with which he would clean the grill. He was named after a tropical storm.

  2. francine says:

    there seems to be no method or assembly line. some bread here, some bread there. rotate this one on the far end a whole bunch of times, rotate the others only a couple. odd. sounds like it tastes good tho.

  3. larrybrains larrybrains says:

    This looks delicious. It looks like he DID let the uncooked meat touch the cooked meat. Sloppy! I’d still eat it!

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