Thirty Seconds in Myanmar – En Route to the Bus Stop

Nov 27 2016

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It seemed like seconds after we were whisked into Myanmar with no passport and no gear for passport photos, we were sitting, packs in hand, in the back of our private truck. Basking in the glory of not having to be on that truck. The highlight of the video is that awesome guy on the cell phone. Of note is the conversation about being late for the bus to, Kyaingtong, Chiang Tung, Cheingtung, or Kengtong.

Mo and I had a mindset to do everything as cheap as possible. I believe this irked our fellow, f-bomb dropping traveller whom Mo had told does not factor into the decision process. The harsh logic, part of a constant mind game to sell you on some ridiculous bullshit. Possibly his best quality. We definitely would have bitched about needing to take a private truck.

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