Thirty Seconds in China – A Harbin Whipping

Jan 08 2015

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The large man hooted as the whip cracked against the ice. The metal cylynder, fashioned to a point at one end so as to be a cone spun ferociously in response. Pleased, the man rested for a second, drinking in the fruits of his thunderous lash.

So soft, he scant hear it, the whirrrrrrr followed by 3 rapid, high cracks. Rage filled his heart and he let forth another thunderous lash that sent the heavy top into a feverous spin. This would not be the year Bendy Smalltop gained gold in the Harbin Spin Masters Cup.

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2 Responses to Thirty Seconds in China – A Harbin Whipping

  1. slippery pete says:

    Those are some slick push sleds peeps are on. Any idea which is better to be on, double or triple seat? I would like to maximize speed and handling. I feel like three would be good for speed but less so for handling. Cool sound on the tops.

    • ABaum says:

      The three sleds are crap as are the two sleds. Too heavy. They didn’t have the single person speed machines of years before. Probably due to people like me performing maneuvers.

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