Jan 07 2012

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I was working a graveyard shift in the park. My park ranger partner and I were endlessly driving around in a park void of any other people from 10pm to 6am. By 5am we were beyond tired and everything started seeming funny and looking strange. I noticed that all of the tree trunks appeared to have this blue tinge. When I pointed it out to my partner, she agreed.

Snarkster: I was in the forest. A bird was chirping. I followed it with my ears until it stopped chirping. I went over to where I last heard it and saw with my eyes that it was perched on it’s tiny nest. I terrified with my presence it until it flew away and under where it had been sitting it there were 4 little eggs.

ABaum: Sitting on the plane, the woman taps my shoulder. The note on a napkin precedes anal sex and broccoli breath. Pheromones and lust

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5 Responses to Thicket

  1. This image reminds me of that movie from an episode of Space Mystery Theater 2000 with the potato people and the jam lava.

  2. Slippery Pete says:


    That was a good one, also really liked the one with Mitchell, “i hate the sun, fuck the sun”

  3. the_snarkster the_snarkster says:

    This is a great collage. Love the tones. Also the stories were great, especially the one about anal sex. Very naturey.

  4. mitchell was goooooooooood

  5. ABaum says:

    @the_snarkster You just can’t not be snarky. The primitive eroticism is prevalent in the eggy spermy nature of said collage. So spermy…and brown.

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