There Is No Burning Man

Apr 08 2013

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There Is No Burning Man (Low Res)

Larrybrains: Breakfast.

ABaum: Recently I’ve been ignoring masters work and in doing so also ignoring everything else. For instance, if someone approaches me about participating in an activity, I’ll say “nah. Gotta work on my masters.” Then I go home and take a nice break by watching a show. Can’t watch boardwalk empire, too long. I’ll just watch one Daily Show and then do my masters. Eventually I turn to hour long shows but never the intended one. I always watch a somewhat shitty show so that I’ll stop halfway through and do my masters. Soon enough, it’s time to brush some teeth and go to bed. Sweet dreams!

Pat: I have been trying to ignore the rusty colored air and the cat-piss smell in the morning and the grit on my teethe. but i can’t ignore it anymore cause it gave me another sinus infection.

Snarkster: I knew this one guy who was a real creeper. He once told me his strategies on how he got women to sleep with him even though he was self-admittedly a rather unattractive guy. He managed to get invited to almost all group social outings, and I did my very best to ignore him.

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2 Responses to There Is No Burning Man

  1. larrybrains larrybrains says:

    That dude on the bottom is a total perv and likely he doesn’t even care about the man burning. Is he the dude you were talking about Snarkster?

    What shitty shows are you watching Abaum?

    Don’t drink soda pop before bed Pat!


  2. Luther Vandross says:

    All I know is that guy is looking at my favourite breakfast.

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