The Vacation Begins

May 16 2013

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Good evening. I hope you’re all well and good. In this episode, we seem to skip an episode. Why is that? Did I overlook? I haven’t a clue but I’m sure I’ll get to the bottom of it one day. Perhaps what was missed will be found again or perhaps it was just missed. At any rate, here we find Episode 3 of Season 6 of ABaum’s Vinyl Mystery Hour. It’s the Vacation series. In this series, I planned to do a little time travel. It is relatively successful and I hope you enjoy. I’m off for the weekend to a far off locale. I hope that you make time in your busy day for such lovely things as a calming glimpse in to the world of vacation.

In this very special episode we can hear:
Quincey’s Queer – Sunshine Today
Sandwich – Assisted Living
B-Lines – Social Retard

All this paired with harrowing tales of diving, skullduggery and a sentimental promotion of wedded bliss between two beautiful people.


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4 Responses to The Vacation Begins

  1. Muhtick says:

    Nice one, I too have a hard time being shamed. Shame is for the birds. Is Quincey the guy who assaulted pat? How was the museum? Highlights?

  2. francine says:

    Another great episode. I hate it when people announce things on Facebook, I think I’d rather not know about people’s important life events than find out on FB.

  3. Jam Jam says:

    Maybe the rat found a piece of floating debris to crawl up onto and then he found a little stick and a piece of dried kelp and he jammed it in the whole on the debris to fashion a crude sail and sailed his way to safety. He spends a few days recovering and is grateful to be alive, but can’t shake the thought of revenge. Eventually he finds his way to the boat guy and kills him. The end.

    Moral of the story: loose lips sink ships!

  4. Quincey says:

    Another great episode of VMH
    However, I’m must point out a small error in this week’s great monologue.
    I happen to know that “Frank” did not actually announce his engagement to his entire family through Facebook. Frank actually used Skype to announce it to his family, which is another one of the many products that Frank likes to bitch about.

    And that brings me to my first set of questions for our gracious host Mr. Abaum:
    Really, were you actually surprised that people bitch about Facebook but use it anyway? Is this activity new to you? Have you never noticed this trend before. You, yourself does not ever bitch about the products that you use (even for important stuff).
    And also, did it really take Frank’s engagement to make you realize the power of Facebook in society? .

    But I think you raise another really important question. I’m sure Frank has put a lot of thought into this as he has probably recently discovered that absolutely all decisions regarding one’s wedding will draw a tremendous amount of criticism from all parties involved. That’s right; all details from location down to candle stick holders will be heavily scrutinized and are sure to ruffle the feathers of at least one.

    So, Mr. Abaum: How does one fairly, ethically and righteously announce their engagement to everyone they know without supporting any of the products or corporations that the average citizen bitches about?

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