The Robot Saga

May 02 2009

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Despite popular belief, robots do grow and they do have feelings, at least this particular robot does. His name is Danny, and this is his story.

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As a young robot, Danny was very clumsy and uneducated. He would spend hours standing around in front of a blaring television doing absolutely nothing just so he wouldn’t fall on his face. This was due to the fact that when Danny was purchased, he was practically a clean slate. He had no knowledge of anything so he didn’t know how to do anything else. His owners were a family of seemingly joyful, yet inconsiderate humans. It was their responsibility to interact with Danny and teach him life skills, but they neglected him and just set him in front of the blaring television to keep him occupied.

They originally purchased Danny as a play thing for their children, but since Danny wasn’t educated enough to provide any immediate entertainment, the children quickly lost interest. The children and their many friends would gleefully play in the yard where Danny could see them through the window of his bleak little room. Little did they know, but this hurt Danny’s feelings greatly. While the children played outside, Danny stood inside learning from what he watched on the television. He learned that he shouldn’t be afraid to fail, because that is how he would learn. He learned that solving problems with violence was a common practice in society. He learned about revenge.

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At that, Danny decided to learn how to walk. He started out by walking around in circles in the living room and then moved on to the furniture, and eventually in to the other rooms of the house. He was delighted at his new ability, but kept it a secret from the family, for it was vital to his plan. By this time, Danny was a teenager and his body had significantly changed. He decided that he felt confident enough in himself to venture outside, and while the family was away he would take trips into the city. He saw the sights, and the sounds and the people, and he fell in love with it all.

Source: Gable Enders

After he felt he had experienced all there was to experience in the city, he decided to carry through with his original plan. First things first. Get a gun.

Will Danny carry through with his plan? Will he get his revenge? Find out next time on the thrilling conclusion of the Robot Saga.

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5 Responses to The Robot Saga

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh my gawd that is one joyfilled-neglected robot hellbent on revenge. Does the robot ever do general robot things like rotate claws mencingly at passerbys and shoot out little streams of paper with writing on it through his mouth to the sound of a typewriter sound? Cant wait to hear how this tense situation resolves.

    — Ass “hole” Sphincter

  2. Plaid Sweater says:

    I guess this is what happens when we learn all our morals from the television. We gain a sense of entitlement, and feel that even if we are boring as shit others should want to spend time with us and entertain us. IMHO Danny is a dick. I hope he fails and maybe learns a real life lesson!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I woud like to support the above comment with a big HEAR HEAR! As in the old timey yell of support. I hope danny rots.

    — Dick “hole” Penis

  4. onceafortnight says:

    I’m rootin’ for Danny.
    Someone should start a support group.

  5. Richard Bergeron says:

    I guess I kind of neglected to mention that the reason Danny is so clumsy and uneducated is due to the fact that when the family purchased him, he was a clean slate, and it was their responsibility to teach him. I tend to assume readers know what I am thinking, and then leave out vital details. It is my fatal flaw in the blogging world.

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