The Milk Alien Saga

Apr 13 2009

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I recently came across a couple interesting pictures and I have been attempting to find out their origins, but to no avail. I intend to find out. In the meantime, I will speculate their origin and back story.

This first image is fantastic. The puppet or figurine or whatever it is they used for the alien looks superb. He even has a dark hairy groin area, which can be seen more clearly in the next photo. Everyone in the picture looks like they are extraordinarily high, and the portly fellow laughing in the background on the left looks like he went a little overboard on the stick reefer joints. The woman in the blue with the large glistening mammaries seems to have the closest connection with Tom, that’s the name I gave him, Tom. What is she feeding him, cottage cheese? I think the two laying on the floor in the foreground may be eating a bowl of jello, and let me tell you, they are having a blast. This picture may be the definition of Neon Jello Evangelists.

I wish this was a still from a television show. It could be titled “Stoned Encounters with the 3rd Kind“. It’s the 1970’s, Tom, in search of a new planet for his people, crash lands on Earth into the back lot of a religious cult. They think that Tom is their beloved Lord Worgalt and take him in and worship the shit out of him, and then party like it’s 1972. Over time, Tom forgets about his mission, his people, and finds a new life for himself on earth. With his noble followers, with the woman he loves, Sandra (glistening mammories), he finally feels like he is home. But oh no! Trouble is brewing.
Tom and Sandra have been kidnapped by a group of ruthless redneck thugs from the nearby township. These particular thugs hate the Neon Jello Evangelists and have a strange fascination with milk torture. Will Tom and Sandra be rescued? Does tom have special powers that he can use to escape? Find out next time on Stoned Encounters with the Third Kind.
Photo Source: Charlie White

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6 Responses to The Milk Alien Saga

  1. matek says:

    Movie looks good. Do you know what this is? The first scene looks to me like a movie about an intervention for an anorexic family member who also happens to be an alien. The last scene shows the intervention going smoothly and as expected.

  2. Richard Bergeron says:

    Maybe this was an episode of Intervention, although they seem to cry a lot on that show. The people in the first photo look to be having the time of their lives, or are they masking their true feelings?

  3. Richard Bergeron says:

    I have just received word from a fellow stumbler, highspeedbee, that the Milk Alien photos were an art installment by some artist for a bizarro exhibition in like 1997. Thank you highspeedbee.

  4. lamyamyamy says:

    that milk photo disturbed me. I did not like it. Looked like some intergalactic shower-rape scene.


  5. Richard Bergeron says:

    Charlie White made these pics. He is an artist. I added a link to his page at the bottom of this post.

  6. Erik the reader says:

    I will report this …

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