The Milk Alien Saga cont…

Apr 23 2009

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Previously on “Stoned Encounters with the 3rd Kind: Tom the alien crash landed his spacecraft into the back lot of a building owned by a hip cult named the Neon Jello Evangelists. The members of the cult thought Tom was their lord Worgalt returning to Earth to save them and so they partied with him. While staying with the cult, Tom met the love of his life, Sandra, and he decided to make Earth his home. Unfortunately, Tom and Sandra were kidnapped and tortured by ruthless redneck thugs.

And now, the second episode of Stoned Encounters with the 3rd Kind.
Tom, forced to watch Sandra being tortured, can not take it any longer. Even though he vowed at a young age to never use his powers to harm others, he felt it was the only way he could end Sandra’s torment and ultimately save them from these monsters. Tom begins to concentrate and in an instant creates three miniature black holes, one buried in each of the rednecks brains. The intense gravity of the black holes causes the neanderthals’ heads to implode.

After the horrific ordeal, Tom and Sandra return to the cult and attempt to lead a normal happy life with one another. At first, everything seems fine. Tom and Sandra spend a week celebrating their safe release by getting high and drunk, but in reality it is just a futile attempt to wash away the past. As time wears on, the past catches up with Tom, and the drugs and alcohol are no longer enough to suppress his memories of that fateful day.

A few months go by and Tom and Sandra’s relationship is falling apart. Tom can’t look at Sandra without being reminded of the violence inflicted upon her and the violence he was forced to inflict upon their captors. In Tom’s culture, violence is nonexistent, and so he has no efficient coping mechanism available to him. Tom realizes that there is only one way he can deal with this, and with a heavy heart, tells Sandra that he is leaving her.

That concludes this episode of Stoned Encounters with the 3rd Kind. Come back soon to find out what becomes of Tom, Sandra and the Neon Jello Evangelists.

Photo Source: Charlie White

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5 Responses to The Milk Alien Saga cont…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Tom needs to step up and be a man. Sure a terrible thing happened but sitting on the toilet isn’t going to solve anything. Coping mechanism or not stop being a douche and tell your woman you love her faggot.

    –Gay Lord

  2. Richard Bergeron says:

    He is so powerful, yet so weak.

  3. Once a Fortnight says:

    You know I really hoped Tom would be different from Earth men – what a disappointment.

  4. Anonymous says:

    These are from a photo set called “Understanding Joshua”. By photographer, Charlie White.

    If you’re going to make up some lame story line based on good artwork, at least give the artist credit.

  5. Richard Bergeron says:


    The photos are credited with a link at the bottom of the page. It says

    "Photo Source: Charlie White"

    That links to Charlie Whites page.

    I also stated at the beginning of the original milk alien saga story that I initially did not know where the photos came from as I had found them on some random bizarre picture web page.

    Once I found out the source, I posted it in the comments as well as added the link to Charlie White's page, which was prior to you making your comment. The majority of my photos for all of my blogs are credited with a source.

    If you are going to accuse someone of not giving credit, at least do it when it is actually warranted.

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