The Good Old Days

May 07 2009

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This here is grandpa. He liked to get out in the forest and bag himself lots of game. He nabbed 3 deer that day and got himself an ewok to boot. The ewok was the one wrapped in the bag on the front. Grandpa always said, if you nab 2 or more deer, display them proudly on your car and arrange them as if they are Santa’s reindeer. If you bag less than 2 deer, don’t even bother coming home because you have shamed the family. If you get an ewok, high five and macaroni. He was fairly non sensical at times.

This is my Aunte Betty. Everything she owned was huge, including her many hair driers. She said that it felt like having a bunch of elephants sing to her when she used them. She died right after this photo was taken from an ailment called crispy face.

This is dad and one of the fellas at work. They always loved to goof around. There is something strange about this photo though. Nobody seems to know who the man is up on top of the truck. He sort of looks like a carboard cutout, but dad says there was nothing like that on his work truck. I think he is a slider, and he slides around from other dimensions like in that show Sliders.

Source: Comcast

I bet the reason he looks flat is because he is from a 2 dimensional world, like in the magnificent movie Flatland. He has no purpose for his sliding, other than to pop up in people’s photographs as a mysterious background dude with no depth. Ted the Interdimensional Background Dude strikes again! I smell a new tv series.

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5 Responses to The Good Old Days

  1. onceafortnight says:

    I think you may have discovered a new niche market – those cardboard cut-out people could come in handy to replace a lot of people oppressed by the necessity of work.

    Even better if truly interdimensional – more flexibilty.
    Good job.

  2. Anonymous says:

    My good friends sister died of crispy face too, it is no laughing matter. Her face was so crisp when she died that celery was furious and took the whole week off.

    –Boner Boner Boner

  3. weight loss pills says:

    great old pictures, i like old pictures like this.

  4. Anonymous says:

    wherefore art though NJE?
    We, your adoring public, miss you!

  5. Richard Bergeron says:

    I am here.

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