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Delicious Crispy Buns

Mar 30 2013

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Oh god. Thinking about these buns is enough reason to go live in the middle of nowhere. This was perhaps the dirtiest city I’ve been in recent memory. Tianmen in the month of February is disgusting. A slow, piercing cold follows you everywhere. I did, however get the best haircut I’ve ever received and ate these buns. These buns are far and away the best buns I’ve ever had. Nothing can compare. They were so crisp on the outside and the inside, fully cooked with a moist but flaky interior that must be due to the lard. I am told lard is in them. Lard is something we are programmed to hate in NA but it is simply more delicious butter. We need to stop the madness. We must accept lard into our lives but first butter. Non-hydrogenated margarine is a travesty.

Please imagine how delicious these are with me. It’s all I have left. Also, note the fancy hand-work. This guy is a bun making god. I was really drunk having just left my friend’s wedding (congratulations!) and at the end of the night, informed the bun maker that I would never see him again and that I loved him. He paid me no mind at all. It only makes me love him more.

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