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Dec 13 2010

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Here is a video I found on the intertubes last night. This woman has some serious vocal chords on her. She could do voice work for evil villains in cartoons.

So while I watch this, I wonder if the woman is really getting upset “for no reason”, as it says in the youtube description, or was she provoked by something that the skaters had done to her.

 In the video they claim to have no idea what she is upset about, but she claims they insulted her kids and family. I know in my adolescence some of my friends and I were somewhat of delinquents and when we would get ourselves into trouble, we would usually claim ignorance.

On the other hand, it’s entirely possible that the lady is just insane or got pushed over the edge by an overheard comment or misheard comment. Maybe she hates skaters or has had trouble with them in the past. It really is not clear what the situation is here. There are a lot of videos online that depict a scene in which someone is being wronged in some way or someone is acting seemingly insane. A common first reaction is to think “They shouldn’t be hurting that guy!” or “That person is being completely insane.” These initial reactions could be entirely warranted, but the fact is we can’t see what happened prior to the when the camera started rolling. We don’t know the full story.

Of course, then there is this guy. He is just completely insane.

Or is he?

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