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Jan 06 2016

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My quiet neighbourhood used to be filled with the piercing screech of air horns, long ago often present in busses, now just regular horns take up most of the soundscape. However, not 10 days after Christmas, there arose such a clatter, I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter. And to what did my wondering eyes adhere but a shitty old truck and a bunch of guys throwing chunks of cement into it from 2 stories up. Pretty fun. Pretty loud. Good bye, sweet neighbourhood. I will miss us.

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Thirty Seconds in China – The Apartment

Jan 15 2015

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In my daily wanderings, I venture past this place quite often. It is part of the dead street. A street consisting of grand developments left to wither away into smashed glass, dust and, strangely enough, sunflower arrangements. The street has started to come alive in the past few years. As the property value climbs in China’s binge to develop luxurious apartments for rich people to speculate and poor people to question practicality, the street wakens. Where once were town houses, whose only residents ended up being migrant workers in bunk beds during the mall construction, now bristles a condominium development. High rises are for the outskirts; this is the future, beautiful downtown where not but the sky towers overhead and the tree-lined streets cause one to ponder our natural beginnings.

Part 1. Deconstruction

Part 2. Excretion

Part 3. Rebirth

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