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I am a Time Traveller

May 03 2009

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For the last few years, I have been privileged enough to have my very own time machine. Every time I take a trip anywhere in my time traveling car, I time travel for a small portion of the trip. I don’t need to reach 88 miles per hour, nor do I need a flux capacitor. I just put my foot on the gas pedal, and when my car shifts from 2nd gear to 3rd gear, it’s time traveling time. At this point, the speedometer instantly jumps up approximately 20km/h and it practically breaks your neck. This is most definitely time traveling because the jump is virtually instantaneous. Another indication that my car is indeed a time machine is its name, Mazda 626 Cronos, and everyone knows that cronos=time travel. Ever played Cronotrigger? Did you know they used a cronos for controlling time in that game?

SEE! There’s the Cronos blasting through time up in the top right corner of the picture, and man does it ever look glorious.

Anyway, I love my Cronos so much that I even painted a portrait of it time travelling, check it out.

Over the next week or so I will be travelling accross half of Canada in my Cronos, so there won’t be any new posts for the next week. Don’t worry, new posts will resume once I settle into my home in Manitoba. In the meantime, watch this music video by Derelict Space Carnies. It is a tribute to the Cronos. It’s so fantastic, you could probably watch it over and over for the whole week until I post again.

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