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Swine Flu: The Pigs are Laughing

Apr 25 2009

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So we are all going to die from a virus called Swine Flu. Seems appropriate. I think the pigs are laughing.

laughing pig

Source: Bizarre Hunter

Hopefully we won’t all die, and a select few can live out life in a post apocalyptic world. If I survive, in the months leading up to desolation, I would horde as much valuables as possible into my house, or possibly a supermarket, and then fortify it. This may require me to do a lot of looting, but when the end is near, looting is totally acceptable. I think I read that somewhere. After all the infected people die off, I would then start bartering with the local survivors and basically become king of the wasteland. As king, I would order the destruction of all pigs and pork products. The pigs may be laughing now, but I’ll have the last laugh.

Of course, in reality, I would probably just get stabbed by some waste lander who needed some hot dogs, but a guy can dream, can’t he?

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