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Crime Team

Nov 04 2009

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After a long hiatus away from blogging, I have decided to try it out again for no apparent reason. Today we will be analyzing an interesting party pic I found while sleuthing the internet.

Here we have a dude preparing some marijuana while a little dude waits to smoke the marijuana. I must say, the little dude has some brilliant fashion sense. Check out those shorts! He is single handedly bringing back the 90’s sofa pattern look. Oh, and are those nylons? Way to be little dude! These guys are so ready to party. I can’t help but think that the little dude looks like none other than Neelix from Star Trek Voyager.

Photo Source: About Womyn

Check that out! The resemblance is shocking! Maybe the little dude is the spawn of Neelix. He has probably turned to drugs after realizing his dad is is featured in Star Trek cook books. How sad. I think that if Little Neelix could just accept Big Neelix as a loving caring father, they could work together as a crime fighting duo. An unstoppable crime fighting duo!

Look out everybody, here comes Crime Team in their time traveling Cronos to save the day!

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