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Dearest Fans

Sep 24 2013

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I bid you a sweet hello. The time apart has been vicious. The times we have now, so dear. I believe that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Google Analytics Girl
Looking sly with a bit of curl
Not a curl more a wave
That your hand, surely gave
So unattractive, yet not attractive (more…)

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The Last Rhyme of Mr Cheese

Feb 16 2013

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So whats the deal with Cheetos?
Are they a corn or are they a nut?
I bet that Albert Einstein could figure this one out.
I actually think that they’re neither.
Neither here nor over there by the bushes.
That’s where I ate my last Cheeto.
The soggy orange mess ran down from my mouth.
Never again, I promised myself.
But I knew I was lying, it makes me feel better.
I don’t know where or when but there will be another.
And another and another and another but I wont bother.
I’ll just tell myself the next day ill start over.
And over and over and over and over easy.
Its easy to quit when you’re quitting a cheesy.
But the thought of not cheesing makes my ass queasy.
What would it do with itself without pleading please pleasy.

– M and the other M

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A Poetic Preview

Apr 12 2012

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Drunk Douche in a Bar

Drunken, douchey
Sunken, sloshy
The great ogre slumps upon
the bar fake, heavy with granite
hands clutching smoke, drinks
the cause of his violence.

Drunken, angry
Swollen, flashy
The grave mother smoulders on
the tear, make-up heavy tonight
body feeding smoke, drinks
the child, she’s slave, silenced

Dank and, dreary
Sullen, chirpy
The ancient man, shuffles on
No tears, never sleepless the night,
from crying screams, drink
live. mould. Whole life missing

A Lifeless Hole
A Life Less Whole

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