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Silly Nazis 3

Apr 04 2010

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“Dieter! Dieter! Call me your little munchkin! Tell me I am growing up too fast! Please Dieter? Please?”

The really interesting part about this photo is there is a man doing a hand stand in the background. It makes me wonder. Was this a well staged photo, or was it just a snap shot of a portion of a chaotic silly scene?. Are there other Nazis doing other silly things off camera? I imagine a circus like atmosphere.

 Every Tuesday afternoon the Nazis would play a game of charades. Here we see Klaus acting out the taking  of the Russian capitol of Ukraine-Kiev. Unfortunately, despite his accurate depiction of the event, his use of props disqualified him and he ended up losing the game.

The losers of said game had to eat a spoonful of local Russian capitol residents tears. A sour bitter taste.

Even Nazis have to poo sometimes.
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Silly Nazis 2

Jun 04 2009

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Time for another installment of Silly Nazis. Lets get right into it.

Maaaaaaaaaaaan, these two Nazis are super rad. The Nazi on the left has this look on his face like “Vee just did someving very very naughty. Vee are naughty nazis ahahahmmmhmmm.” Meanwhile his partner expresses a look of slight distaste for the camera with a hint of pride in whatever it was that he and his nazi buddy just did. What a pair.
I can’t help but think that the nazi with the giggles on the left bares a striking resemblence to a one Colonel Dietrich from Indian Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Do you see it? He is totally about to make the same face as the giggles nazi in like 2 seconds. You can see it in the corners of his mouth. Do it Dietrich. Make the face! DO IT!

While we wait for Dietrich to make the face, and he most certainly will, lets take a look at some Nazis having a pleasant time with a kitten. You can look too Dietrich.


I knew you couldn’t resist Nazi kittens Dietrich.

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Silly Nazis

May 18 2009

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I love looking at old photos of Nazis being silly and having fun. There’s something about seeing the lighthearted side of people that are generally considered pure evil that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. They are just human like everyone else. Lets take a look, shall we?

Photo Source: Some Blog

This image is totally awesome beyond belief. I like to imagine that the Nazi guy driving is belting out a high note, holding it steady, while performing his death defying feat. Nazis love to sing in an operatic fashion while they attempt to impress their friends. Also, the guy leaning on the left is definitely squeaking out a fart. His friends call him Stinky.

Photo Source: Some Blog

“HAHAHAH, Klaus, just face it. You couldn’t break dance if your life depended on it.”

Seriously though, I think this Nazi is slipping on ice while his comrades laugh. Except the second one from the left, he looks like he is going to kick his ass. He is a firm believer that losing balance while walking on ice is grounds for violent disciplinary action. Klaus is going to get it.

Photo Source: English Russia

“Got your nose Lenin. HONK HONK”

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