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Giant Pickle in a Bag

Oct 03 2012

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the lazy shit

Jul 28 2010

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dear readers my name is the blue bonnet boxcar hornet

i am taking over this blog for that neon bloody brain dude just lazy. like i mean lazy like i mean he is so fricken lazy he is just sitting there right now figuring out which hole to pick. he keeps saying butt or nose, butt or nose…i can’t stand it

so i doubt you people want to chance your bookmark so i have taken over your blog

so hear we go, quality reading

today we will talk about how to skin a rabbit and wear it’s skin over your head
for really, we will all have to do this soon as the ozone layer becomes pure nothing but universe. (is the universe pure nothing? or is it just prunes? i often wonder this)


what the fuck why is this person cherry asking me to chat! i don’t want to fucken chat with you! my name is not larry! i am not even hairy!

fucken people

anyways back to how to fuck a goat

i mean how to skin a rabbit.

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Juicy Tales of Malo

Jul 18 2010

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A coworker and I have come to the conclusion that we are the keepers of the camper beasts. Large fifth wheels and RV’s are actually giant monsters that can morph into camping units. People are the slaves of these camper monsters and in the hottest months of the year, the camper monsters force their slaves to bring them to a campground. It is here that they can communicate telepathically with one another. Our role, as park rangers, is to ensure that the campground is quiet after 11pm. Camper monsters can only form a secure telepathic link in complete silence.

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