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Gary Spivey: The Man, The Legend

Apr 14 2009

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Introducing Gary Spivey. He was “born psychic” and has spent his life honing his abilities to become a famous psychic, medium and healer. Apparently Gary is also a hawk handler and takes his hawk with him on motorcycle rides. Gary doesn’t require a helmet when he rides, nor could he fit one on his head, because his shining white afro provides his skull with more than adequate protection.

For 9 months of the year, Gary cruises on his hog, faithful hawk at his side, from town to town dispensing advise and comfort to all that request it (for a fee of course).

Source: Picture is Unrelated

Lets take a look at some more photos of this legend of a man shall we.

Source: Gary Spivey

One of Gary’s many disciples in training. BTW, Gary and all of his disciples are also extensively trained in Karate and Jujitsu.

Source: Gary Spivey

This photo is fairly self explanatory.

Source: Gary Spivey

When Gary isn’t doing psychic readings for humans, he attempts to communicate with chimpanzees via mind readings. So far he has been unsuccessful in starting a meaningful dialogue, but he is determined to succeed. I think Gary Spivey is my new hero.

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