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Diary of a Park Ranger: Entry #4

Jul 15 2012

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Dear Diary,

I watched a man almost drown the other day. There was a split second while he was struggling to keep his head above water that I thought I might have to strip off my duty gear stuff and save his stupid ass. Luckily his friends saved him after I yelled at them.  He was a big dude so he probably would have drown me in the process of trying to help him. I hear that is a thing that happens often. Immediately after the near death experience, I started questioning the group about all the empty beer cans in the area. One of the dudes was holding a crushed empty beer can under the water and said that the cans were there when they got there. I then asked him about the can in his hand and he said “What this? Oh, I was just using this as a flotation device”. Clever girl!


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