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Dora Must Be Punished!

Jan 23 2011

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A friend recently brought it to my attention that there exists a Dora the Explorer pinata. Who in their right mind actually thought this was a good idea? It seems to be a hit at childrens parties.

Look at the white children hang the Latina child in the backyard and beat her senseless with a stick.

In the picture above the girl on the far right in the yellow looks like she can’t wait for her turn to whack the candy out of Dora. She has this look of satisfaction while watching Dora get beaten. Satisfied, yet full of vengeful anticipation.  

At least they are all learning a vital life lesson. Latina children  contain candy within. Beat them until their insides spill out and then the candy is all yours!

The only question that remains is….what are these two up to?

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