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A Matter of Robotics

Aug 28 2012

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Can a robot which is aware of its own programming change its program?

If the robot is programmed by a person, then the person who built the robot determines whether the robot has permission to rewrite its own code.

If the robot is assigned write permission, it can change its programming.

If the robot has write permission, could the robot then remove a part of its programming associated with write permission?

Could this only happen if the robot was given authority to access its write permission programing?

Are we lords of our creation?

I’m off to smite my old hard-drive.

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Diary of a Park Ranger: Entry #4

Jul 15 2012

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Dear Diary,

I watched a man almost drown the other day. There was a split second while he was struggling to keep his head above water that I thought I might have to strip off my duty gear stuff and save his stupid ass. Luckily his friends saved him after I yelled at them.  He was a big dude so he probably would have drown me in the process of trying to help him. I hear that is a thing that happens often. Immediately after the near death experience, I started questioning the group about all the empty beer cans in the area. One of the dudes was holding a crushed empty beer can under the water and said that the cans were there when they got there. I then asked him about the can in his hand and he said “What this? Oh, I was just using this as a flotation device”. Clever girl!


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Diary of a Park Ranger: Entry #2

Jun 29 2012

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Dear Diary,

I spent the vast majority of the evening sitting at the gate by myself checking the incoming vehicles to the park. There was very little traffic, but most of it consisted of families and seniors heading back from a long night of visiting local friends and relatives. The lack of consistent interruptions gave me some time to ponder on things. While staring out the window at the deluge of insects flying endlessly into the flood light on the exterior of the building, I realized that if all insects were approximately 50 times larger than they are now, the world would be a chaotic and terrifying place.

There are two partially finished plastic water bottles sitting on either side of my laptop as I (more…)

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Dora Must Be Punished!

Jan 23 2011

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A friend recently brought it to my attention that there exists a Dora the Explorer pinata. Who in their right mind actually thought this was a good idea? It seems to be a hit at childrens parties.

Look at the white children hang the Latina child in the backyard and beat her senseless with a stick.

In the picture above the girl on the far right in the yellow looks like she can’t wait for her turn to whack the candy out of Dora. She has this look of satisfaction while watching Dora get beaten. Satisfied, yet full of vengeful anticipation.  

At least they are all learning a vital life lesson. Latina children  contain candy within. Beat them until their insides spill out and then the candy is all yours!

The only question that remains is….what are these two up to?

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Holiday Pandering?

Jan 15 2011

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When I returned home from my holiday trip I found a large quantity of mail in my mailbox. Most of it consisted of bills and advertisements, but there was one item that stood out. It appeared to be a Christmas card from my local MP. I opened it up and this is what she sent to her potential supporters.

 What a nice little holiday scene. Complete with presents, santa hats, two of the cuuuuuuuutest dogs in the world and a man whose name is never mentioned but I assume it is her husband. The MP is either sucking in on her cheeks really hard or she has the craziest face dimples ever, but that’s besides the point. Also, if you look closely at the presents, they aren’t your traditional box in wrapping paper. They appear to be some large blue metal containers of some kind. Possibly cookie containers. I’m not really sure.

I doubt she will win over any voters with this card, but I have to give her credit for not pandering to the masses. She is just being herself. That is how it appears anyway. If that is not the case, and this was indeed an attempt to appear a certain way, then god help us all.

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Holiday Adventures

Dec 28 2010

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Did some shopping over Christmas. Found a couple of funnies in my home town of Campbell River and took some photos for you all to enjoy. The following is a massive failure in design.

Apparently Woody has become a pudgy kid  with a backwards check mark for a nose, one eyebrow, and hypno-eyes. Hopefully this was on purpose to make woody cuddly and cute.

Also, here is something I found in the local, mostly abandoned, mall. Santa LOOOOOOOOVES photos. He loves them so much, he ejaculates over them.

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The Maestro!

Dec 20 2010

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This kid is adorable.

The enthusiastic chanting from the popular kids cartoon Go, Diego! Go! seems to put Jad into a euphoric state. I love how his tweaked out hand raises up as the tune builds in excitement.  Maybe he will grow up to be a Maestro. His face is priceless too. Kind of looks like he is going to poop.
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Corporate Photoshop Fun 2

Dec 18 2010

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It’s time again to have fun in Photoshop with stock corporate photos. Without further ado, here are my creations.

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Dec 13 2010

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Here is a video I found on the intertubes last night. This woman has some serious vocal chords on her. She could do voice work for evil villains in cartoons.

So while I watch this, I wonder if the woman is really getting upset “for no reason”, as it says in the youtube description, or was she provoked by something that the skaters had done to her.

 In the video they claim to have no idea what she is upset about, but she claims they insulted her kids and family. I know in my adolescence some of my friends and I were somewhat of delinquents and when we would get ourselves into trouble, we would usually claim ignorance.

On the other hand, it’s entirely possible that the lady is just insane or got pushed over the edge by an overheard comment or misheard comment. Maybe she hates skaters or has had trouble with them in the past. It really is not clear what the situation is here. There are a lot of videos online that depict a scene in which someone is being wronged in some way or someone is acting seemingly insane. A common first reaction is to think “They shouldn’t be hurting that guy!” or “That person is being completely insane.” These initial reactions could be entirely warranted, but the fact is we can’t see what happened prior to the when the camera started rolling. We don’t know the full story.

Of course, then there is this guy. He is just completely insane.

Or is he?

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Sundae Discovery

Dec 10 2010

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When I first saw the large sundae sitting beneath the car seat, my first thought was, “That looks delicious!” This initial thought was followed by, “Why is there a sundae under my car seat?” The sundae was not melted, which was odd, considering it was one of the hottest days of the year. This led me to believe that it had been placed there recently. I carefully guided the sundae through the mini jungle gym that was the underside of the car seat. It was as if I was playing a game of operation. No sides touched. I put on my goggles and started eating. 

It was delicious! 
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