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Old Guy Music

Jan 09 2014

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Well hello folks,

As promised it was a very special year. And it’s come full circle as we end the year’s Vacation Mystery Hour with the final segment. Who knows what will come in the future. In 2 days it seems I’ll be disappearing into the wilds of Northern Myanmar to socialize with exotic animal poachers and smugglers. Not my ideal choice of company but my travelling companion will more than make up for that. It appears to be an expensive trip as it stands. We’ll see how the old pochette livre holds up.

Here we have a reminisce of about 10 months ago combined with a few new tidbits. My time in Shangrila is interspersed with memories of my youth and present. I hope you enjoy.

Socialized children
A peeping tom’s ears: music from an old person’s workshop
Chinese Furniture Review 1
Guangchang Dance Indecision
Travelbuzzkill ABaum Ruins the Day Again
Comedy Break
A Trip to the Spa
Quincey Enok – Ugly World
A Quiet Ending

See you all next season.

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Yes, I am Unemployed.

Oct 03 2012

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