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The Last Rhyme of Mr Cheese

Feb 16 2013

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So whats the deal with Cheetos?
Are they a corn or are they a nut?
I bet that Albert Einstein could figure this one out.
I actually think that they’re neither.
Neither here nor over there by the bushes.
That’s where I ate my last Cheeto.
The soggy orange mess ran down from my mouth.
Never again, I promised myself.
But I knew I was lying, it makes me feel better.
I don’t know where or when but there will be another.
And another and another and another but I wont bother.
I’ll just tell myself the next day ill start over.
And over and over and over and over easy.
Its easy to quit when you’re quitting a cheesy.
But the thought of not cheesing makes my ass queasy.
What would it do with itself without pleading please pleasy.

– M and the other M

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