Stinky Tom

Jan 14 2011

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Here is a comic I made in MS Paint.

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9 Responses to Stinky Tom

  1. Anonymous says:

    i fundamentally relate to this comic!

    — Stinky M

  2. peter says:

    Your art depicts such a great range of emotion. The dotted line is also quite successful in conveying the movement of the fly. Bravo. Bravo.

  3. Neon Jello Evangelist says:

    Glad that you relate to the comic anonymous. Do you stink the way tom stinks?

    Thanks for your kind words peter. I spent much time on the dotted line and put a great deal of thought into plotting the fly's course. This comic, including time spent on brainstorming, took me about 17 hours to create.

  4. francisco says:

    Oh no, not at all. I stink in a much more vulgar manner.

    P.S. the word verification word is dengract. Which I think is HIGHLY appropriate.

  5. francisco says:

    P.P.S. I have no idea what dengract means!!!

    yours truly,


  6. Francisco says:

    P.P.P.S. The last word verification was esonsta, and this one is cistur. Those are also two AWESOME words

  7. Neon Jello Evangelist says:

    Tom's smell is a unique smell. Hard to replicate. Dengract, esonsta and cistur all sit on my top 10 list of captcha words.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Captcha, that is also an excellent word.



    PS, Peeee Esssssssss. Pea Esq. chiot.

  9. Neon Jello Evangelist says:

    Captcha is quite catchy I would say. Is the content of your P.P.S. addition p.p.p.p.s? Was chiot your captcha word this time? Captcha Captcha CAPTCHA!

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