Static Stasis

Jan 29 2013

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Static Stasis (Low Res)
ABaum: In a world of the future, where all transportation is done through tubes on top of skyscrapers, one tube converter must move quickly. In a race against time, the target can be small but have major consequences. But when the converters start to disappear, only Theodore the dog can sniff out the mysterious package with the bionetic implants Theodore chases and races against the clock for the future of the converters and maybe even the world.

“Top Right Zipper Pocket is the number one movie of the year.” ABaum – Abaum’s VMH

Larrybrains: A simple girl, named expo, with no aspirations or desires is on a downward spiral to nowhere. Enter Jacko, a mild mannered doughy faced philistine with a big dick. Together they find love and direction in their lives and encounter a few twists and turns along the way. They both die at the end and it is tragic.

Snarkster: A lone hitchhiker accepts a ride from a man in a mysterious van, that is seemingly traveling through the countryside. As time goes on, the hitchiker realises that the landscape hasn’t changed from the poppy fields where he was first picked up. The countryside is in stasis, but what happens in the van is anything but.

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2 Responses to Static Stasis

  1. This is a fine collage. Makes me think of a being lost in a city or something. I like the movie synopsis as well. Skyscraper tubes and time vans. What will you kids think of next!

    Also, I wonder if there anybody that doesn’t comment on our blog because they suck at math.

  2. Luther Vandross says:

    I suck at math. Not at looking at collages, though. Well done! I’m in the prostitution capital of the world!

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