Squish Beauty

Jun 13 2016

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3 Responses to Squish Beauty

  1. larrybrains larrybrains says:

    Hi everybody, I’m a big loud mouthed jerk and I would like to say that this video and song was quite enjoyable.

    What does he say about “Human suffering”?

    This reminded me of the crazy amount of bags blowing in the wind in prairies. The only thing missing is the image of a barbed wire fence along the highway with many multiple bags stuck on it blowing in the wind.

  2. Muhtick says:

    I believe he says, human sacrifice is considered festive. Certainly all of the depictions i have seen were quite festive. Yah lots of blowing bags, we cant stop crying.

  3. Luther Vandross says:

    I believe the reply feature of this website is broken in that if I try to reply to a comment specifically, it doesn’t let me.

    In the spirit of the video, however, I like how that guy who obviously isn’t wearing $500 glasses is surrounded by a bunch of non glasses wearing losers who are then represented by lame stick-like plants but the guy is a bag of garbage because his glasses are shit.

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