Spooky Return

Apr 20 2013

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4 Responses to Spooky Return

  1. larrybrains larrybrains says:

    Sweet track and cool pic. Are those baby spiders on the web or just crap from the window frame?

  2. Muhtick says:

    Im afraid that its baby spiders. Chemical warfare genocide!

  3. Luther Vandross says:

    I much prefer the use of fire in the death of baby spiders. Have you ever tried a jar trap? I wonder if butter holds sway over spiders and if their superiour webbing skills would enable them to effortlessly climb out of a butter rimmed jar.

    I really like that image. Haunted house. I think I’ve used haunted too much today. My life is haunted by overuse.

    • Muhtick says:

      I haven’t tried a jar trap, but i have seen your vid with the roaches. I suspect the spiders would fare better than the roaches in escaping. I once sprayed a hatching nest of hundreds of baby spiders with raid and felt no guilt or remorse.

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