Aug 16 2012

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Larrybrains: I was draining some macaroni using the pot lid because I didn’t have a colander. Somehow the lid slipped off, probably due to my clumsiness, and most of my macaroni spilled into the very dirty sink. I was extremely upset to say the least.
Snarkster: I had made pizza dough from scratch, covered it in amazing toppings, and spread a healthy dose of cheese on it. I pooped it into the oven and waited for the magic to happen. Once the cheese was bubbly and the crust starting to brown, I went to pull it out of the oven. Something horrible and unexplainable happened and the pizza slipped from my hands and landed top down onto my disgusting kitchen floor. It was traumatic.
ABaum: I remember a calm. It was broken. I watched the movie. By the time I was done the sadness had passed. He didn’t buy me a new one, however.

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2 Responses to Spill

  1. francine says:

    Glad to hear you guys are spilling food and drink, not oil or the beans.

  2. hools says:

    Filthy disgusting rainbows everywhere. It this the type of rainbow I can expect in the future?

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