Jul 03 2012

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Muhtick: Who is your favorite muppet?

Snarkster: Im not really a huge fan of any of them. I dont like kermit, I dont like piggy, I dont like gonzo, I dont like fozzy, I dont like the chef. They’re a good ensemble.

Muhtick: So do you think they fill in each others weakness?

Snarkster: Yeah, I do. I just think none of them are complete individuals.

Muhtick: So i guess you just find them irritating?

Snarkster: In real life if they had those personalities, like everyone loves animal, but i find that in real life that would be fucking terrible.

Muhtick: Did you ever put on sock puppet plays?

Snarkster: Yeah, well i don’t know about plays, but i made sock puppets.

Muhtick: So you say you made them, did you actually construct a puppet?

Snarkster: I definitely didn’t make any elaborate ones but i may have glued some googley eyes . I miiiiiight have, but i don’t know.

Muhtick: Whats with all the put ons?

Snarkster: Like people putting on personalities?

Muhtick: Ya that would be a put on.

Snarkster: I dont know, people aren’t comfortable with themselves. The reason why you put on is that either you are impressing new people but once you get more familiar with them you don’t find the need for these put ons so much oooooooooor, yeah.

Muhtick: Putine or Putin?

Snarkster: Well obviously putine. Its a really easy one.

Muhtick: How are you at minigolf?

Snarkster: Not very good, but better than at real golf.

Muhtick: Did you used to go mini golfing?

Snarkster: Yeah.

Muhtick: Was there a course around where you grew up?

Snarkster: Well, there’s Wonderland. Its like an in-door mini golf. And i remember like going down to Peak Roberts with friends just across the boarder and doing mini golf.

Muhtick: Did they have a neat setup?

Snarkster: Like dinosaurs everywhere. Like you’d go into ones butt and out of anothers mouth.

Muthick: What is your favorite “hole”?

Snarkster: Probably just a doughnut hole.

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5 Responses to Snarkster

  1. francine says:

    Great interview. I’d have to say that I agree with the Snarkster on all accounts.

  2. larrybrains larrybrains says:

    Favourite Question:

    “What is your favorite hole?”

    Favourite Answer:

    “Probably just a doughnut hole.”

  3. !!! says:

    In high school we had to do a project on a Shakespeare play. My friends and I choose to do Macbeth; we had sock puppets and synopsis’d the entire play. Got an A on it; still have the VHS somewhere. That would be a dandy to rewatch.

    Excellent interview, I give it an A++ AND 3 donuts holes.


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