Silly Nazis 3

Apr 04 2010

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“Dieter! Dieter! Call me your little munchkin! Tell me I am growing up too fast! Please Dieter? Please?”

The really interesting part about this photo is there is a man doing a hand stand in the background. It makes me wonder. Was this a well staged photo, or was it just a snap shot of a portion of a chaotic silly scene?. Are there other Nazis doing other silly things off camera? I imagine a circus like atmosphere.

 Every Tuesday afternoon the Nazis would play a game of charades. Here we see Klaus acting out the taking  of the Russian capitol of Ukraine-Kiev. Unfortunately, despite his accurate depiction of the event, his use of props disqualified him and he ended up losing the game.

The losers of said game had to eat a spoonful of local Russian capitol residents tears. A sour bitter taste.

Even Nazis have to poo sometimes.
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One Response to Silly Nazis 3

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good pics. I like the one in the stroller best. Nazis sure are cookie.


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