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Jun 04 2013

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Well folks, now that summer is upon us, I thought I’d post about a nice warm wool jacket I made. Very timely, I know. I actually made this jacket back in February, and these photos were taken on a particularly sunny day in early March:


The pattern is Burdastyle Larissa. I’ve actually made this once before in a blue twill. That jacket got a lot of wear and was getting quite worn out, so I decided to re-make it in a grey wool blend. I bought the fabric at a boxing day sale at dressew, and then it only took me a little over two years before I actually started making it!


For modifications, I lengthened the torso by a couple inches and shortened the sleeves by an inch or so. I think the original jacket was designed for a tall person with long arms who likes belly bearing jackets. Typical.


I also did some topstitching both for decoration and to sew the sleeve vents shut. I sewed them as directed last time but they always ended up poofing out and making it look like i had a big hunchback. When in fact I only have a small hunchback!


I also made one size smaller than last time, size 40 if I recall, as my last jacket was lined with polar fleece and still was roomy, whereas I lined this one in a lightweight cotton twill I got from Gorgeous Fabrics. I thought perhaps this fabric was too nice to hide in a lining, but ┬áthen decided to go for it, because why shouldn’t the inside of my jacket look better than the inside of everyone else’s jackets?

some more pics:





the end, you’re welcome.

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3 Responses to sewing snark – grey moto jacket

  1. muhtick says:

    Foxy baby is on the turntable right now foxy baby. The jacket is profoundly cool. Wool motorcycle jacket is like tossing a university professor into a biker bar. I feel cooler standing next to you when you wear that jacket.

    P.S. moto surely does look like a little motorcycle.

  2. Jam Jam says:

    Quite a nice jacket. I believe I have seen you wearing that jacket IRL and I must say, nice jacket!

  3. Luther Vandross says:

    I too will say nice jacket and I can’t wait to see it afk. I don’t think you’re fooling anyone with those sewn vents, hunchy!

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