Sausage Is Not Murder

Apr 15 2013

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3 Responses to Sausage Is Not Murder

  1. francine says:

    This is a beautifully disgusting video! Everyone should know, I ate one of these pre-smoked sausages, and it was delicious.

  2. larrybrains larrybrains says:

    I was thinking the exact same thing francine. Beautiful and disgusting. The bunching of the sausage casing onto that metal rod looked particularly gross. I also had the pleasure to eat a couple of these sausages and I can confirm, sausage is not murder, it is delicious!

  3. Luther Vandross says:

    Oh my god. That was the best thing I have seen in a while. I love how sexual the sexy parts where the skin is being scrunched down like a condom on a small rigid penis. They say lots of women prefer girth over length and and I bet that bunching provides nice texture for the sensitive opening. Well shot, well musiced and damn if I don’t want to eat me some real sausage. I can’t get good sausages over here.

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