Sad Art Bands

Apr 13 2009

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Why do so many bands do photos like these:

What exactly are they trying to say? “We are so emotional. We don’t care about anything but we care about everything. Don’t look at us, and we won’t look at you. We like to hang out together in stylish clothing and act like we aren’t hanging out together.”

I really detest these sort of album photos. When I buy an album, which is rare thanks to torrents, I don’t want to see artsy pics of band members being total douche bags. I mean, is that really how they act? I am fairly certain they are just doing it for the camera, and then when they are off camera, they actually hang out together.

I won’t rant too much about them, but at this time I would like to showcase a couple of photos that me and few friends made in honor of the great Sad Art Bands.

In this photo, me (left), Matek (center), and Sarah (right), show case our abilities to ignore each other and the camera. We like to stand around on the rocks at the beach and think about life and how tragic it is. I stand with my arms to the side like that because it puts me off balance and I am a risk taker.

Matek is replaced by Amy in this photo. Matek had to go off camera because he became too sad to make art. This picture was taken in colour but we are all so drained of life that it drained the colour from the photo as well. I hope one day we will find our way in this tragic unforgiving world.

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7 Responses to Sad Art Bands

  1. Anonymous says:

    Weird, i guess i have the opposite feelings as you do. I exclusively purchase/listen/enjoy only Sad Art Bands. Lord knows they are better than the happy art bands!

  2. matek says:

    I prefer emotionally neutral album covers. Like an ice cream cone eating a cactus…the ice cream cone is on sedatives, the cactus is a plant and has no emotions.

    –Your Buddy

  3. Angela says:

    Maybe they had just been listening to their own music.

  4. YogaforCynics says:

    Blame the Romantic poets…they had no cameras back then…nor did they have electric guitars…but if they had, just imagine the mopey music and melodramatically dire album covers Byron, Shelly, and Coleridge would’ve subjected nineteenth century England to….

  5. Forrest says:

    Do the covers of Oasis’ – Definitely Maybe or Be Here Now count?

  6. Richard Bergeron says:

    “Do the covers of Oasis’ – Definitely Maybe or Be Here Now count?”


  7. Erik the reader says:

    Can you figure out what kind music they do?
    They look depressed and suicidal nuts.
    Don't listen to their music it has a harming effect listen instead to the Hungarian suicidal song

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