S05E05 An Emotional Celebration

May 07 2012

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Here it is, folks. The one that you’ve been waiting for that doesn’t quite include everything you wanted. In this special episode, we deal with some troubling issues for myself, personal space in public, and the trials and tribulations of not owning a drum.

Featuring live recordings from around the world…China, Canada, Thailand



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4 Responses to S05E05 An Emotional Celebration

  1. Slippery Pete says:

    Great VMH. The guys in the bathroom need to hook up with our gay truck drivers.

  2. Luther Vandross says:

    What – 2 = zero? Ah…nevermind got it.

    I would have lined up those pretty little Chinese men and shared my juices with each and every one. People are much too uptight about sexuality these days.

  3. francine says:

    omg you were sexually assaulted by an old man! That is a crazy story, thank you for sharing. Also, that song at around 30 minutes is amaaaaaaaaazing. I especially like the female singer.

  4. ABaum says:

    I do believe some of the members of the up and coming sensation setsubset were on that very song. I really like the rainstorm recording that occurs next. I also enjoyed that antipasto with the crackers.

    As far as getting molested, it was much less traumatic than the time the creepy Japanese man grabbed my penis in a Kyoto museum. Mainly because I was twice as old this time. Still, yes, a rather disturbing experience.

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