Jul 30 2012

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Snarkster: All the little targets flooded out of the frame and caused Chaos in the world.

Larrybrains: Laser beams are entering a galactic kaleidoscope that is centered on the bathroom wall of a mid 1960’s cabin. The swans are escaping.

Pea-Cut: Mrs. Weatherbee was simply ecstatic to have the Hathaways over for tea.
Dianna Hathaway was perhaps the most dignified of the sorority sisters and Edward truly was a lovely man.
Before baking, the scones were lightly brushed with butter to give that beautiful golden-brown hue that everyone raved about.
The jubilee edition, silver spoons were removed from the special cupboard, washed, polished and in place. The tea cozy had been freshly ironed.

The rescue workers didn’t make it to the old farmhouse until day 3. New Cumberland County was simply devastated and the village always gets priority when it comes to government funding. We all know where the taxpayers live. As one can image, the odor was horrendous but the young men would never dare comment.

Getting the head beam and trusses off the fallen front wall was the only physically enduring part. The rest of the lifting was tedious, calculated, and emotionaly draining.

ABaum: I have had a recurring dream about a rogue cookie sheet. It bounced around the room from time to time. I am not sure but I believe it was a sine wave.

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2 Responses to Ricochet

  1. francine says:

    Cool looking collage. Really does look like a disastrous tea party. Nice story.

  2. Magic Face says:

    Interesting collage. I give it a solid 19 out of 21 mini targets!

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