Mar 26 2012

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What is the normal condition of the mind? I know what the normal condition of my mind is… and it’s not that great. But let me tell you, things associated with couches have been known to bring about the abnormal condition of my mind, and that’s even worse. It felt like rockets were going through my brain and cereal was the only thing that was going to save me!
Larrybrains: I was extremely intoxicated and angry. I fell into a pile of driftwood and grass. I couldn’t get out. I had some kind of an epiphany that I cannot remember. A stark realization of some kind. I start laughing maniacally by myself in the dark, in the rain, for what seemed like an eternity.
ABaum: I’m drunk. Really drunk and don’t have the key to the outer door of my building. It’s never been locked before but it’s 3am and I want to go home. I scream, kick and smash as much as I can. My girlfriend waits patiently. “Where the fuck are the guards?”

“HEY! What’s the code? How come I can’t get in to my own goddamn house? What the fuck do you mean you don’t know the code? You’re a goddamn guard of this fucking building, asshole.” More kicking and screaming. I want to kill the door. I want to kill the guard. He looks scared. He doesn’t speak English. Eventually my girlfriend’s disgust leads me back to sanity. Still too drunk to care. We fight the next day.

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2 Responses to Psychosis

  1. Reminds me of Raiden. Who are the owners of the silhouettes in his hat?

  2. Luther Vandross says:

    Too many of today’s youth require drugs to bring on their psychosis.

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