Power-On Switch-Off

Nov 28 2011

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LarryBrains: I was watching The Mentalist with my mom and The Mentalist gets a kid to admit to killing another kid at summer camp by telling a ghost story around the campfire which makes the kid believe that if he doesn’t admit to the crime a boogey man will take him to hell so he admits it and all I could think of was how smug Mr. Mentalist was about his tactics but in reality his tactics would never hold up in court because the kid was under duress.

Snarkster: Storage wars? What’s this? Oh man, that guy Dave is such a dick! He’s bidding even though he doesn’t want it! But I guess Daryll is dumb enough to fall into the trap. Does Barry even care about the money? What a kook! And why are Jarrod and Brandy burning each other so much?

ABaum: I recall the fear that began to build whilst watching BBC World in our North Korean hotel. We were preparing to smuggle our sensitive photos out whilst learning of the death camps that Amnesty had recently photographed. It peaked at the border crossing with my SD card lost somewhere near my balls. The young, Dutch missionary looked at me and said “Hey man. Are you okay?” After that, for some reason I was. Thank you, Jesus.

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  1. the snarkster says:

    Also, in that one ep of storage wars, this giant orange amorphous blob came onto the screen. Man that was weird.

    Beautiful collage. Great colours and images.

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