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Sep 16 2013

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Looks like we are officially in the record review business, no shortage of that I’m sure. I wonder if this person knows the only other people who asked us to review an album. Haven’t gone to the page they linked to yet, here is what they said in their email:

You have all the power, you’re supposed to tell me what I want.
But if you wanna listen to http://potpourri.bandcamp.com and tell people about it, I’d appreciate that

Alright, first off lets check the layout of their bandcamp page. Looks like a couple of twins in the banner, one of them is wearing glasses. Does that happen? Can one twin have defective eyes but not the other? Maybe after long exposure to extreme ocular conditions, but these lads seem too young to have suffered such exposure, so i will suspect that they are merely into each-others facial styles and not twins at all. Their album is 9 songs long, and the time variation on the songs is assuring. No mind-numbing lengths ahead, so if it sucks at least it wont suck for long. The album is called Island Urchins. Ya, i lived on an island, and yes, i have seen many urchins, I suspect this review will be a breeze. Alright, lets listen to the opening track and then the closing track and speculate on the middle which i wont bother to listen to…..most likely.

The first song is the title track. Cant understand a single thing the vocalist is saying. Why say anything at all? Arrangement is varied which prevents mind rot. Its not bad….there you happy? Also not good, still happy? Just heard a break and now we are in an instrumental passage. I bet this is where all the friends at the show start dancing. Soft and quiet again. Can understand him a bit better now. Oh, not anymore, all echoey and reverby. That guitar riff is back, its not doing much for me. Still tho, at least there is some work and arranging going on, kudos. Alright, onto the last song.

Its called kept in the quick, and the tempo is in fact faster than the opener. Voice is buried again. Something about pilots and time or something. Cracks….in the silence, everyone stares or something. Kicking it up into a faster pace, slow again. Yup pretty sure its something about cracks in silence. I don’t like that drum thing that happens, where the whole arrangement drops out and its the bass drum kicking for a bit, please stop doing that. Otherwise no major complaints. I will continue to encourage your focus on arrangement, but i cannot in good conscience encourage people over 25 to listen to this music.

So there you have it, another flippant meaningless review for a band trying to make it. Maybe they will? Perhaps, I think changing their bandcamp statement might be needed:

Musky, but not overpowering, Potpourri is an amalgamation of all the seething, winking and whimpering music that made you swoon as a babe.


A fragrance you associate with old folks homes carpet cleaning crews. A noxious flowery concoction with that god damn bass drum dropping in unannounced, but you know, nice enough.

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3 Responses to Potpurri Album Review

  1. the_snarkster the_snarkster says:

    Another excellently flippant review. I appreciate this approach and hope that more bands out there realize that this website is the place to go for flippant reviews. I edited your post to add a hyperlink. Hope you don’t mind.

  2. AAA says:

    I like this approach too. This is how album reviews should be written. Also, I was going to change it to a hyperlink too, but you beat me to it!

    Additionally, after listening to a couple tracks from the Potpourri album, I agree with this review.

  3. ABaum says:

    I would like to listen to PotPourri. I don’t think I will. I do, however, have the internet again and am beaming with glee.

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