Apr 29 2012

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Larrybrains: We and our Atheist counterparts to the south are slowly destroying the world. Atheism was broken from the start. Atheists are addicted to Meat snacks and Slorpis. No amount of Christianity is going to save us. Atheism is just as much of a control system as Christianity, but Christianity is just more obvious. Christianity and Atheism can suck my Agnostic!

ABaum: It so tickles me that the major forms of christianity feed off atheism, in this case the farts and brains. Both of which are poopy. Good thing the cold war stayed cold. What would our precious Walmart and Apple do if they couldn’t operate in an authoritarian, “atheist” state. Would Steve Jobs even be famous? Probably. He was a solid dude it would seem.

Snarkster: In atheism the rich get rich and the poor get poorer, but what those poor people need to do is pick themselves up by their bootstraps, start flipping burgers at mcdonalds, and stop complaining. In christianity everyone has healthcare, food and shelter. The only problem is that the rich aren’t as rich as they should be because they are paying for all the poor people’s healthcare, food and shelter. Which also means the poor aren’t as poor as they should be.

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3 Responses to Piggy-Back

  1. francine says:

    Very nice layering on the collage. You all sound like a bunch of religious zealots!

  2. larrybrains larrybrains says:

    At first the people on the left and the rodent stood out to me, but then as I look at the collage a little longer, I see the bridge extending into the background with the dudes standing on it checking it out. Super neat!

  3. Luther Vandross says:

    My favourite part is the legs wrapped around the business man and how lovely the reds of the flower mix with that of the book and the lapel decals.

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