Ooga Booga

Feb 04 2012

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Snarkster: The little girl was woken from her sleep from an eerie sound in the house. She tip toed out of bed and peered down the dark hallway. Coming towards her from out of her parent’s bedroom was a ghost! Holding a bloody butcher’s knife!

Larrybrains: It was the summer of 1995 in Chilliwack BC. Riley and Richard were hanging out when they received a call from their friend Lauren. Lauren wanted Richard and Riley to sneak into a condemned, abandoned crack house with her and her friend Sarah. The boys agreed and headed to Sarah’s house on their bikes. When they arrived they found that Lauren and Sarah had brought weapons, including a baseball bat, and they had painted their faces with war paint. The girls said they had been playing ouija board all day and some creepy stuff had happened so they wanted to continue their day of being creeped-out by visiting the crack house. The girls hopped onto the handlebars and back pegs of the guys bikes and the group made their way to the crack house. Upon entering the crack house, the teens found a lot of garbage and broken glass. They kept hearing sounds as if someone else was there, but searched all of the rooms and found nobody. Once the group was sure no one else was in the house, they started exploring through the rooms for anything interesting. Lauren and Richard made their way to the second floor of the house. Lauren was looking around in the living room while Richard decided to search some of the rooms down the hall. Suddenly Richard heard a scream come from the living room. He quickly ran down the hall to find Lauren standing in the middle of the living room crying holding a large book open to the first couple pages. Richard asked “Are you okay?” and she dropped the book to the floor and ran out of the house. Richard picked up the book and started flipping through it. The book was an odd book. It was old, seemed like it was from the 60’s, and it was massive, maybe a couple thousand pages. It was mostly just pictures of finely dressed beautiful women. The cover was ripped off, but the title was printed on the first inside page, “The Book of Beauty”, and lower on the same page was the dedication which read “To my beautiful Lauren, I love you.”

ABaum: A growl escaped the room. Something was in there a whole world of frozen parts and peas. The red light gloomed out the doorway, flickering. Groans, a kick, silence and a death rattle. The lights, turn on the lights! Escape was at hand, bathed in harsh fluorescence.

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  1. francine says:

    Eerie imagery. The spooky face and dark texture match well with the stories.

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