Nuclear Values

Dec 17 2011

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LarryBrains: Tom Cat or TC as we called him, went missing. We had looked for him all over and it had been a couple days since he went missing. Then, on a really hot summer day, I was drinking Iced tea in the kitchen with my mom and brother and I decided to go out onto the porch. When I opened the door, TC was curled up on the mat outside the door. I was elated to see him, but we soon found out that he was very sick. He would not eat or drink, and all of his movements were very subdued. My dad said he probably licked up some anti-freeze and that he would take TC to a farm to live and maybe he would become healthy again. Later in life I found out that “going to the farm” meant drowning in a sack in the river.

Snarkster: I remember growing up, our family business was on the same property as our house. There was a lunch room for the staff in the ground floor of our house. We would all eat lunch down there when we were working. My dad and almost every single staff member we ever had smoked. My mom and us kids didn’t smoke, but we might as well have when we were sitting in that room!

ABaum: “I be HB free.” I wore that pin like a medal of honour. No more hep b for me! Immunization fun carries on to adulthood where you can control the needle if you want. Now son, what do you think of daddy’s new car?

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2 Responses to Nuclear Values

  1. the_snarkster the_snarkster says:

    Everyone’s childehood memory seems so pleasant. Especially Larry’s. But really, my main childhood memory is of being lynched. Man that sucked.

  2. larrybrains larrybrains says:

    Yeah, that was the worst getting lynched. I guess everyone has to get lynched at some point in life. They say it is like chicken pocks. Better to get it over with when you are young.

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