Noodlie Goodness

Nov 22 2012

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These delightful foods were prepped to perfection. This guy is a definite master of his wok.
Matek – Lop is that sweet tune that kicks in. Sit back and enjoy. En flambe!

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6 Responses to Noodlie Goodness

  1. francine says:

    Wow those are some mad wok skillz. Is that a typical level of skill for street vendors? Or is this guy special?

    • ABaum says:

      This guy’s really good and I guess the free or connected, at least, market gave him his spot in a pretty busy street market. He does make the same dish 100s of times/week. Perfect practice makes perfect, or so they say.

  2. Muhtick says:

    Nice subtlety on the syncing. The guy is a whirlwind of movements. Btw, its just Lop, decided to drop the PoP moniker.

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