No Banana for You

Oct 04 2014

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Travellers from Thailand always want the damn chocolate banana crepes. These were much better. All curry, greasy, eggy goodness. What more could you want, besides a camera operator that knows how to use the manual focus.

Kengtung was our first stop on our overland travel from Chiangmai in Thailand to Mongla in Special Region 4.

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2 Responses to No Banana for You

  1. m and m says:

    The world looks better in soft focus. Why did you cut it off, now I’ll never know what happens once the pork/vegetable/? filling is applied? I suppose it’s folded over like the intro. Cool dough stretching technique.

  2. ABaum says:

    Yeah the dough stretching is sweet. Not sure how they make the dough so stretchy as all hell but it seems to be grease that helps along the situation. I cut it off…because…I stopped filming but, like, the end is the beginning is the end, my friends.

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