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Nov 26 2015

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3 Responses to New Folder

  1. larrybrains larrybrains says:

    That woman didn’t want to be in your movie. Her loss.

    Those look like my stubby hobbit feet. In fact, I think they are my stubby hobbit feet!

    That fly really wanted to be on top of that crucifix. Fucking fliiies!

  2. francine says:

    This music pairs very well with the images. And the images are super cool, excellent captures!

  3. Muhtick says:

    I was recently accused of insanity for listening/producing this music. Questions were raised as to whether i can possibly enjoy it. I believe the woman was getting out of frame so not disrupt the shot. I had spoken with her earlier about filming the big gush, but buddy didn’t have the right wrench and I didnt have the time to stand around and wait for him to figure out how to do his job properly. I crossed the street and by then he had got his shit together. Sploosh. Rotting flesh attracts flies, its like, a fact.

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