Nazi Bear Memories

Apr 17 2009

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Simon slams back another shot of whiskey and draws his gaze down to the old photo he is holding in his lap.

He sighs and a hint of a smile comes to his face. Those were the good old days he thought to himself, running amuck with the old brigade. A tear escapes from his eye and runs down to the tip of his snout, he lifts a paw and wipes it away. He then lets out a great belly laugh as he glances back at Hans and Dieter posing up front like the couple of goofs they were. They always knew exactly what to do or say to make Simon laugh. It was times like these that made Simon forget about the harsh reality of the war, and the cruel violence that he inflicted upon his enemies with his teeth and his claws. They made him do things, unthinkable things, things that he never thought he was capable of doing. As a result, whenever possible, Simon would drink himself into a drunken stupor in a futile attempt to escape the harsh realm of reality.

Source: Criptomundo

Then the war ended, times changed and Simon had to integrate back into society. He picked up a few jobs here and there entertaining at childrens’ parties,

but he could never shake the horrific memories from the war. Simon moves the photo aside, leans back in his big recliner and drifts off to a time when it all made sense, when his life had a purpose, when a bear named Simon ruled the battlefield.

Stay tuned to Neon Jello Evangelist for a future episode of Bear Nazi Memories.

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5 Responses to Nazi Bear Memories

  1. Once A Fortnight says:

    Reminds me of Smokey!

  2. By Alfred Haus says:

    Nazi Furries.. I’m sure Himmler would have looked into it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if Simon later became a Russian dancing bear, wouldn’t that be ironic?

  4. Richard Bergeron says:

    Extremely ironic.

  5. Angelika says:

    I’m the child that Simon is holding in the third photo. That was at my 5th birthday. I was young, and it was so long ago, but I still have such a clear image of Simon burned into my mind. I think it was that he was putting on such a happy face, but the sadness in his eyes was such a stark contrast, I’d never seen anything like it before. I had no idea what he had been through during the war, but now I understand where his sadness came from. Thanks for your blog posts, and the memories.

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